Tired of getting oil everywhere but your beard? What about the residue left on your hands? Keep that beard oil where it belongs, in your majestic mane. We're Well Dap't, the premier gentleman's grooming accessory. Or at least we want to be, but for that we need your support.

We want to design a beard comb that allows oil to be applied straight to the comb and into your beard. Eliminating the need to get oil on your hands and anywhere else it doesn't belong. We are currently in the process of designing and creating model. leave us your email and follow us on Twitter as we attempt to make a dream a reality in under 72 hours.

This idea came from the Well Dap't Baron, Christopher Porter and together with a team of dedicated group of entrepreneurs they seek to take this concept from idea to reality in Orlando Tech's Weekend Launch. The idea was pitched Friday Nov. 6th at 8pm and will be presented Sunday Nov. 8th. We need your help in showing that our idea is worth winning this challenge and stands the highest chance at becoming a reality.